Bladder Augmentation: Tips & Tricks


3 April 2024

Presented by Cüneyd Özkürkcügil, Sherif Mourad, and David Hernandez.

Bladder augmentation is a surgical procedure performed to provide adequate bladder capacity and preserve kidney function, as well as improving quality of life. Indications for augmentation cystoplasty are divided into two groups: neurogenic and non-neurogenic causes such as spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, Spinal cord injury, myelodysplasia, tethered spinal cord and detrusor hyperactivity with high pressure , chronic cystitis, radiation cystitis, cloacal cystitis, defunctionalized bladder in a patient who is on dialysis. Timing is important for bladder augmentation in patients on dialysis who will undergo kidney transplantation. Monti and Mitrafonoff procedures are also surgical procedures for easy urethral catheterization. Patients must be persuaded of the importance of attending lifelong follow-up.

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