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ICS Journals - Submit now!

Friday 17 Dec 2021 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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We are pleased to confirm that the submission sites are now live for the two new open access ICS Journals, Continence and Continence Reports.

Continence - Journal - Elsevier
Continence Reports - Journal - Elsevier

Be among the first to submit your work to the new ICS Journals. Your contribution is greatly valued and appreciated. A reminder that ICS members can submit to the journals for free.

More information on the new ICS Journals

  • Continence – the gold standard journal of the International Continence Society: example content - primary research, review articles, standardisation reports, consensus reports, white papers
  • Continence Reports – case based reports from the International Continence Society: example content – research summaries, case-based reports, patient reports

Both peer-reviewed journals will be available online only in Open Access format*. These will be the first journals fully owned and managed by ICS (in partnership with Elsevier as publisher).

After 31st December 2021 ICS will be ending our affiliation with the Neurourology & Urodynamics journal. Current ICS members (for 2021) will have access until this date.

Who is involved?

Lori Birder (Neuroscientist, University of Pittsburgh, U.S.A.) has been appointed as Editor-in-Chief of Continence and will retain strategic oversight of both journals.

Lori shared that: “We are excited to embark on this multi-disciplinary initiative and look forward to receiving submissions from around the globe. The support of our international membership will help us to become the leading publication in the field of Continence research.”

Sajjad Rahnama’i (Urologist, Uniklinik RWTH, Aachen, Germany) has been appointed as Editor of Continence Reports. Sajjad will focus on the Continence Reports journal and will also work with Lori on overall journal strategy and planning.

Sajjad shared that "It is a great honour and pleasure for me to lead a newly introduced scientific journal for the ICS membership and all scientists beyond. Continence Reports will offer a low threshold, open-access platform to both young and experienced medical professionals where they can publish their work. We aim at a high quality, fast peer-reviewed process, in order to provide the most complete and reliable source of information on current developments in the field of continence."

The Co-Editors for Continence have been confirmed as follows:

Name Role Profession Affiliation Location
Hann-Chorng Kuo Co-Editor Urologist Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital Taiwan
Masayuki Takeda Co-Editor Urologist University of Yamanashi Japan
Melanie Morin Co-Editor Physiotherapist University of Sherbrooke Canada
Chris Fry Co-Editor Physiologist University of Bristol UK
Cristiano Gomes Co-Editor Urologist University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine Brazil
Liliana Bordeianou Co-Editor Colorectal Surgeon Massachusetts General Hospital USA
Larissa Rodriguez Co-Editor Urologist Weill Cornell Medicine, New York USA
Rufus Cartwright Co-Editor Urogynaecologist Imperial College London UK
Ian Milsom Co-Editor Gynaecologist Sahlgrenska University Hospital Sweden
Adrian Wagg Co-Editor Geriatrician University of Alberta Canada
Matthias Oelke Co-Editor Urologist St. Antonius Hospital Germany
Sharon Eustice Co-Editor Nurse Consultant Truro Health Park UK

Why are we doing this now?
The ICS Board of Trustees have held long term negotiations with Wiley over a new contract (initially in partnership with SUFU also). Following extensive review and discussion the final terms were not deemed favourable to ICS in the long term given our important role and extensive contributions to the journal. Wiley owns the title of the Neurourology & Urodynamics journal which challenged the bargaining power of ICS.

Following consultation and legal advice the Board recognised that Open Access journals are developing rapidly and, in the years, to come could become the norm for scientific journal submission and access. The Board considered that ICS should be at the forefront of this movement and, also take this opportunity to own our journal title, for scientific and future commercial benefits for ICS as a charity and scientific organisation.

Wiley was offered the chance to partner in an open access journal with ICS but declined the offer. A very attractive partnership was offered, and subsequently agreed, with Elsevier (a major international publisher headquartered in the Netherlands).

ICS recognises the long-term success of our partnership with Wiley, and we part ways on mutually respected terms. SUFU has decided to continue as partners with Neurourology & Urodynamics.

More details and how you can get involved/submit
We hope you will join us on this major new venture for ICS and our community. ICS is proud to be a multidisciplinary society and will ensure this is represented in the journal as it develops. We look forward to receiving submissions from a wide variety of disciplines and growing our journal together.

We will be in touch with more details on how you can submit your content very soon. We will undertake all efforts to ensure a clear and user-friendly process for all submitters.

*See Additional Information for more details.

Additional Information

ICS new journals: Continence and Continence Reports FAQs

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