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    Industry Partnerships

    Reach your target audience 365 days a year

    Since 1971 the International Continence Society (ICS) has led multi-disciplinary continence research and education on a worldwide scale through the ICS Annual Meeting and the ICS Journals Continence and Continence Reports. The ICS can offer you further opportunities to reach our network of professionals all year round (see Promotional Opportunities, Annual Meeting and Additional Services above).

    With over 3,000 members, ICS is a thriving society of Urologists, Urogynaecologists, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Scientists and Researchers with a focus on continence and pelvic floor disorders. In addition, we welcome around 2,000 professionals to our annual meeting each year.

    The ICS has a mailing database of over 18,000 subscribers*. This is made up of ICS members, prior annual meeting attendees, abstract submitters and individuals who have actively joined our mailing lists. We have a total social media following of 24,000 across Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and X and host an ICS TV page on YouTube with over 5,500 subscribers. Additionally, the ICS website receives on average 2 million impressions and 33,000 users per month. With our network your organisation will have the capacity to reach key decision makers around the globe.

    ICS is unique in that we are the only multi-disciplinary international society focusing on continence and pelvic floor disorders. ICS provides for clinical and research priorities and is also recognised as the world leader for the Standardisation of Terminology and Practice. We are therefore uniquely positioned to support your strategic aims and reach your target audience.

    Should you have any questions regarding these opportunities or wish to discuss further, please contact the ICS office or visit this year's annual meeting page for Industry

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