Promotional Opportunities


All year round visibility for your organisation

The ICS can offer a range of promotional activities to suit your requirements and budget. Below are just a sample of what can be provided and bespoke packages are available based on your requirements.

Box Ad

Give your company the attention is deserves on the ICS homepage. Box advert on ICS homepage with link embedded for duration of 3 months. Note: other companies may have an advert running at the same time.

Podcast Advert

Choose to advertise your company for a limited or extended time period to suit your needs within the ICS podcasts. Adverts can be placed during the podcast or even better commission a topic and faculty and ICS will do the rest!

Industry Corner

Box advert and permanent link to your company website from designated area within the ICS website.

News Article

In collaboration with your company, a news article will be written advertising the product and/or video content. The ICS will host the video within the article. This news article is then sent within the ICS eNews mailing database and advertised on social media.

Extended News Article

As above but the news article is updated once a month (or whatever agreed) for the duration of 3 months, thus bringing it back to the top of the news article listing and sent on a monthly basis to the ICS databases.

Social Media campaign

3 social media posts via all the ICS social media channels.

Advertising Educational Event/Course/Workshop

The ICS can offer advertising of a course or event that your company is hosting. This can be listed in our calendar as a premium listing to maximise exposure of your event. Adverts via social media and our mailing list can also be discussed.

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