Sherif Mourad


Developing World Committee Chair Applicant

Mission Statement

I am aiming at continuing what we started long time ago with the ICS and with the collaboration of other international societies and associations to train physicians and nurses about the surgical skills in repairing the different forms of vaginal fistulas and urinary incontinence in the developing world. Also increasing the awareness of continence care amount doctors, nurses and patients in these areas.

Skills, abilities and experience

I am currently the Chair of the ICS Developing World Committee and on the Global Philanthropic Committee for the support of Developing World. I am the Founder and President of the Pan Arab Continence Society and African Fistula and Continence Society. Member the Taskforce of pelvic Floor Reconstruction of the FIGO (International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics).I am the director of the ICS workshops for Surgery of Vaginal Fistula. To achieve the goals of these workshops we exert a lot of efforts to secure donations from charitable societies mainly the International Continence Society, the Pan Arab Continence Society, and the Global Philanthropic Committee. Currently I am conducting surgical and educational humanitarian missions in developing countries in Africa and Asia helping in the treatment of all kinds of Obstetric and Gynecologic Fistulae including perineal tears and both urinary and fecal incontinence and training the local doctors how to manage the possible complications. Since 2009, with my team we visited many countries in Africa like Niger, Uganda (5 times), Somalia land, Sudan (4 times) and Upper Egypt (3 times). During each mission we used to perform around 30- 40 fistula and other incontinence surgeries along 4-5 days beside the treatment of complicated cases including surgeries of diversion or augmentation cystoplasties. This was also accompanied by an awareness campaign to the doctors, nurses, and patients in each country. In Asia, I helped many patients by performing repair surgeries in China, Iran, Turkey and lately in Oman. Also I conducted many cadaveric courses for the surgical repair of fistulas and the passion for training was greatly appreciated by many trainees in Egypt (Cairo), Turkey (Istanbul- Ankara – Izmir) , Greece (Thessaloniki), UK (London - Bristol) and USA (Arkansas).

Elections 2022

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