ICS Ethics Committee


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    ICS Ethics Committee

    The purpose of the ICS Ethics Committee is to support the ethical governance of the ICS and contribute to or consult on educational and scientific content of an ethical nature for all ICS programmes and publications.

    The ICS Ethics Committee shall:

    1. Provide guidance and education regarding challenging issues in medical ethics.
    2. Promote research and biomedical ethics via consultation, workshops, speakers and consensus documents.
    3. Establish guidelines or protocols to govern ethical decision-making in the conduct of research or clinical activities.
    4. An Ethics Committee member will serve as a point of contact for the Education and Scientific Committees, Institutes and Board of Trustees to ensure the integrity of the science presented and unbiased programmes within the ICS.
    5. Assist in conflict resolution when necessary in accordance with the ICS Bylaws.
    6. To actively identify, solicit, and address ethical issues that are uniquely relevant to the international perspective of the ICS membership.
    7. Due to its international perspective on ethical issues, committee can actively identify, solicit and address ethical issues that are uniquely relevant to its membership.

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