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ICS Ethics Committee

The purpose of the ICS Ethics Committee is to establish and maintain proper conduct of the ICS in matters of ethical consideration.

The ICS Ethics Committee shall:

  1. Develop a policy concerning the disclosure of financial information and potential competing financial interests among members of the ICS as these issues pertain to the activities and interests of the ICS. If disputes arise over these matters among the membership, the Ethics Committee shall investigate the particulars of the issue involved and prepare a recommendation for resolving the issue to be forwarded to the ICS Board of Trustees. The ultimate decision as to how the matter should be decided will rest with the ICS Board of Trustees.
  2. Develop policies to insure that all research presented to the society is carried out in compliance with basic international ethical standards for the conduct of human and animal research.
  3. Develop position papers on ethical matters as required from time to time by the ICS Board of Trustees.
  4. Provide advice from time to time on specific ethical questions as requested by the ICS Board of Trustees.
  5. Organize an annual educational program on ethical issues relevant to the interests of the ICS in conjunction with each year’s annual scientific meeting.
  6. Serve as a conduit for conveying the views and opinions on ethical issues from the membership of the ICS to the ICS Board of Trustees, and vice-versa.
  7. Undertake such additional matters as may from time to time be required of the Committee by the ICS Board of Trustees.
  8. In carrying out its duties, the ethics committee is encouraged to consult externally with appropriate experts or to co-opt expert advice from academia, bioethics, industry, business, the legal profession with regard to specific questions before the committee to aid in its deliberations.
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