Steven Koops


Trustee Applicant (Treasurer)

Mission Statement

The ICS strives to improve the quality of life for those suffering from incontinence, LUTS and other pelvic floor disorders. The ICS has several tools to accomplish this task, like promoting scientific research and education/training to improve practice. The ICS is an eminent multidisciplinary Society in the field, but in the rapidly changing world, this position can be difficult to maintain. The Society needs flexible people to work in these demanding times.The financial position of this organisation is critical to its success. Strategic planning, budgeting and proper financial governance are therefore of paramount importance. With the board of trustees and help of the ICS office, my responsibilities as Treasurer will be checking and controlling the finances and to adjust these where needed. The income of the society has changed due to the pandemic and flexibility is of key importance. Potential other revenues and co-operation with other organisations need to be explored; the relationship with Industry needs to be maintained.My mission as Treasurer encompasses ensuring financial health for the ICS, having a world-wide active view on financial changes and acting on these changes when needed accordingly. I will maintain the highest standards of professionalism and ethical behavior in performing this task. I will take care of sustainable investments, with no investments in controversial sectors like the tobacco industry.I will try to ensure that all professionals from multiple disciplines working in this field will have the opportunity to join the society and enjoy the ICS experience.

Skills, abilities and experience

I have an extensive background in the field of pelvic floor pathology as a consultant Gynaecologist, subspecialised in Urogynaecology.I have experience as Treasurer, both in a social sphere (sporting clubs) and also professionally. In these roles I have gained experience in dealing with all kinds of financial matters, sponsorships, partnerships, budgeting and accounting.As an active member of several scientific medical societies, I have a large international professional network, which might be useful in establishing projects with other scientific organisations. I have previously been involved with the setting up and organisation of several large conferences. This experience has provided me with knowledge to help to organise future international conferences.I will bring experience of working in a multi-disciplinary and international environment, in organizing committees and expert groups. I have experience of providing advice, as well as analysing and reviewing complex information. As a chairperson or co-ordinator, I have previously managed groups and delivered quality output whilst keeping to deadlines.Besides my native language Dutch, my English is excellent (with a slight Australian accent), both written and spoken.

Elections 2022

21/07/2024 20:51:19  19604
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