William Gibson


Ethics Committee Chair Applicant

Mission Statement

Ethics committees exist to ensure that an organisation's ethos and actions are conducted to the highest ethical standards. Specifically, the ICS ethics committee fulfils three vital roles; 1) providing the membership of the ICS and those treating LUTS with guidance on the ethical conduct of research and clinical care, 2) ensuring that the guidelines and documents produced by other parts of the ICS are ethically-informed and ethically sound, and 3) providing the Board of Trustees with an independent view of ethical conduct by ICS members within the organisation itself. As Chair, I intend to build on the sterling work of past chairs, such as the recent white paper on ethical considerations in older adults with urinary incontinence, to bring together the diverse expertise within the ICS to produce further high-quality, clear guidance for colleagues. I will use and guide the diverse skills of the Ethics Committee to ensure that the goals of three roles of the committee are consistently achieved to a high standard. I will also continue to work to build the visibility of ethics-based research and education at the ICS annual scientific meeting.

Skills, abilities and experience

I am an Assistant Professor of Geriatrics at the University of Alberta, holding a clinical and academic appointment. I hold a PhD, examining the links between falls and incontinence in older adults, and sit on the University Health Research Ethics Board. I am a currently member of the ICS Ethics Committee and ICS Scientific Committee, and was a co-author on the recent ICS White Paper.

Elections 2023

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