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20th Physiotherapy Forum

  • State of the Art Lecture 4
  • Saturday 16th October 2021
  • 20:30 - 00:30 CEST
  • Live Room 1
  • In-Person and online attendees
  • ICS Members OnlyRestricted Video

This year our ICS Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists celebrate 20th years of the Physiotherapy Forum. At the ICS meeting in 1985, there were only 2 physiotherapists in attendance: Jo Laycock and Dorothy Mandelstam. At the ICS in Tampere in 2000, Marijke Slieker ten Hove organized a meeting about pelvic floor education and invited about 12 physio members of the ICS. Since then a forum has been held each year and hosts on average 150 physiotherapists from all over the globe. It serves the purpose to discuss interesting patients or ways of treating them, of the educational workshops and their composition. The Forum encourages new physio members to join the ICS, assisted with networking, encouraging research and the presentation of the research findings.

20 years on the forum is still an amazing opportunity for physiotherapists, or anyone interested in physiotherapy, to network, enjoy presentations from emerging and established researchers and clinical leaders and most of all, have fun. It’s a shame that we cannot be together face to face this year but the Forum programme includes a variety of topics and join us in the break in the ICS Live Lounge to see each other face to face, albeit on a screen! Bring a cocktail or a coffee depending on what time of day it is in your country and we will cheers together!!

20:30 20:40 Introductions and History Video Heather Moky & Nelly Faghani
20:40 21:10 Always, Usually, Sometimes, Rarely, Never: The Case for Biofeedback for Women with Stress Urinary Incontinence Jean Hay-Smith, Suzanne Hagen, Doreen McClurg, Ana Carolina Nociti Lopes Fernandes and Cristine Homsi Jorge Ferreira
21:10 21:20 Q&A
21:20 21:55 Bowel Dysfunction: Physiotherapeutic Management beyond the Squatty Potty! Paula Igualada-Martinez, Angela Khera
21:55 22:00 Q&A
22:00 22:30 Break – ICS Live Lounge for fun and networking
22:30 22:34 Welcome Back… Hayley Irving
22:35 22:55 The Physiotherapy Role in the Management of Pessaries for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Moderator: Claire Brown, Speaker: Patricia Neumann
22:56 23:05 Q&A
23:05 23:15 Assessment of PFM Function and Dysfunction: An Overview of the ICS Terminology Document Beth Shelly
23:16 23:20 Q&A
23:20 23:50 How do I Manage Endometriosis and Provoked Vestibulodynia? Similarities and Differences Moderator: Jane Chalmers, Speakers: Helena Frawley & Melanie Morin
23:50 00:00 Q&A
00:00 00:20 Transgender Care Updates Heather Moky, Loren Schechter & Laura Burchill
00:20 00:25 Q&A
00:25 00:30 Wrap up & Close Hayley Irving
00:30 01:00 ICS Live Lounge for fun and networking

There are additional videos that you can watch in addition to the live session:

This session will have 2 ICS Live Lounge's giving you all a chance to mingle together. They are at 22:00 & 00:30 BST

Enter the Live Lounge

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