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Dr Melanie Morin
University of Sherbrooke

ICS 2022

Podium Short Oral Session 25 Transgender Health & Sexual Dysfunction 411 Feasibility, acceptability and effects of high intensity laser therapy for women with vulvodynia: a randomized prospective pilot study

ICS 2019

Podium Short Oral Session 30 Pelvic Floor Muscle Assessment and Treatment 540 Validation of shear-wave elastography for evaluating pelvic floor muscle stiffness

ICS 2017

Open Discussion Session 9 Open Discussion ePosters 1 139 Does the involvement of pelvic floor muscles differ in primary and secondary provoked vestibulodynia?

Non Discussion Abstract Session 41 Non Discussion Abstracts 822 Recruitment strategies in a pelvic pain trial: Is e-recruitment a promising method ?

ICS 2015

Podium Session 3 Innovations in Pelvic Floor Muscle Therapy 15 Effect of physiotherapy on pelvic floor morphometry in women with and without avulsion injury of the puborectalis muscle after vaginal delivery: a randomised pilot study.

ICS 2014

Podium Poster Session 47 Imaging and Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Women 699 Assessing urethral length measurement: comparison between simple catheter method and 3D transperineal ultrasound

ICS 2013

Non Discussion Poster Session 34 562 Identifying deficits in lower limb muscle strength, balance and mobility in elderly women suffering from urge and mixed urinary incontinence

ICS 2011

Podium Poster Session 16 Pelvic Floor Imaging 165 Comparing pelvic floor muscle biometry in women with and without dyspareunia using 4D real time transperineal ultrasound


Podium Poster Session 25 Pathophysiology and Quality of Life 232 Dynamometric assessment of the pelvic floor muscle function in women with and without provoked vestibulodynia

ICS 2008

Podium Poster Session 5 Pelvic Floor (1) 36 Comparing pelvic floor muscle tone in postmenopausal continent and stress urinary incontinent women

Non Discussion Poster Session 19 378 Reliability of a new approach for assessing the pelvic floor muscle tone in postmenopausal stress incontinent women

ICS 2007

Non Discussion Poster Session 17 234 Pelvic floor involuntary response during coughing in continent and stress urinary incontinent postmenopausal women

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Melanie Morin

ICS Co-Editor

Qualifications:PhD Professor
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Dr Melanie Morin graduated in physiotherapy in 2001 at the University of Montreal and is currently an associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Sherbrooke. She is also a researcher at the Research Centre of the CHUS specializing in pelvic floor dysfunctions and is the founder and director of its Urogynecology research laboratory. She completed her M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees focusing on the role of the pelvic floor muscles (PFM) in the pathophysiology of postpartum and postmenopausal urinary incontinence. During her post-doctorate, she specialized in gynecological pain conditions and sexual dysfunctions. She completed several multidisciplinary randomized control trials (RCTs) studying namely the effectiveness of different treatments (physiotherapy, lidocaine, transcranial stimulation) for vulvodynia, incontinence and avulsion-related symptoms. Her research and clinical interests are diversified including pathophysiology and treatment of pelvic floor disorders (pelvic pain, incontinence, avulsion, sexual dysfunction), pelvic floor assessment (using palpation, dynamometry, electromyography and ultrasonography), pain physiology and instrument development.
Dr Morin published numerous scientific manuscripts and book chapters on pelvic floor disorders; their multiple citations attest to their relevance for other researchers. Her diversified expertise has led her to be frequently invited as an expert and guest speaker at conferences including ICS/IUGA workshops. She has been an active member of the ICS since 2003 and is an appointed member of the ICS physiotherapy committee as well as the ICS scientific committee. She is experienced in systematic reviews and clinical guidelines including her recent involvement in the International Consultation on Incontinence. She is also involved in standardization working groups of ICS/IUGA on the terminology for pelvic floor muscle function & dysfunction as well as the terminology for sexual health in women with pelvic floor dysfunctions.

Dr Melanie Morin declared on the Monday 8th January 2024 that they did not have any existing or known future financial relationships or affiliations to disclose (NONE).