20 - 24 October 2014

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil





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#Dear Friends and Colleagues

Why attend the ICS meeting in Rio 2014? Well, I believe that it will not take much convincing on my behalf for you to come and participate in the meeting! If you do not have much free time from your busy schedules, do not worry, it will be worth your while to make the trip as the Scientific and Education Committee is preparing an excellent programme as usual; with state of art lectures, round tables, challenging workshops and, of course, great discussions on the presented papers. Brazil is a land of contrast in all senses; beautiful sandy beaches lie just a stone’s throw from the lively city centre - there is something for everyone in Rio! If it is your first time to Brazil or you already know Rio and want to explore more, there is so much to do! You can relax at the Copacabana beach, visit the Statue of Christ the Redeemer, or if adventure is more your style you can climb the southern face of Sugar Loaf or take a jump on a hang glider from Pedra de Gavea mountain. The weather in Rio in October is fantastic, with lows of 20 and highs of 27 degrees Celsius! Rio will have seen the 2014 Football World Cup in July, and be preparing for the Olympics in 2016, with much regeneration within the city already completed and more planned to boost the city’s infrastructure and travel links. Investment has been made in metro, rail and bus rapid transit systems, so getting around will be easy. The convention center is only a 40 minute journey from the international airport, and easily accessible from many great hotels.

The Welcome Committee is working to prepare a rich palette of Brazilian culture for you to sample including: music - chorinho, bossa nova and samba; food – acarajé (a dish brought to Brazil by slaves from the West African coast), and the famous feijoada (one of Brazil’s national dishes), all toasted with a delicious caipirinha cocktail, invented by workers on Brazilian sugar cane plantations.

I very much hope to see all of you at the International Continence Society Annual Meeting in Rio de Janeiro.

Carlos D’Ancona
ICS 2014 Annual Meeting Chair

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