There is a fantastic programme of workshops covering all disciplines on offer at ICS 2016.

The workshop programme has been curated by the ICS Education Committee to ensure the best educational opportunities are available to ICS delegates, with presentations by the experts in the field.

New for 2016 are ICS Education Courses; specially commissioned by the ICS Education & Scientific Committee featuring core curriculum, ICS approved content.

ICS Education Courses (EC’s):

  • Cover the essential knowledge required by clinicians working in incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Provide educational and teaching skills
  • Are free to all registered delegates!

The full ICS 2016 Workshop Programme follows and you can read in more detail about each workshop by clicking on the workshop number.

##Tuesday 13th September 2016

W1 Complications of Obstetric Fistula Surgery: the hole is closed but all is not wellChristopher Payne (Chair),Dirk De Ridder,Fekade AyenachewFemale Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) / Voiding DysfunctionAdvanced90
W2 The Overactive Pelvic FloorAnna Padoa (Chair),Melanie Morin,Mauro Cervigni,Marc Beer GabelPelvic Pain Syndromes / Sexual DysfunctionAdvanced180
W3 ICS Methodology in Basic ScienceNaoki Yoshimura (Chair),Karl-Erik Andersson,Yasuhiko Igawa,Maryrose SullivanResearch Methods / TechniquesBasic90
W4 Nocturnal LUTS in an older populationKarel Everaert (Chair),Hashim Hashim,Donald Bliwise,An-Sofie GoessaertGeriatrics / GerontologyAdvanced90
W5 Neurogenic detrusor overactivity: What to do after 15 years of Botulinum toxine?Michele Spinelli (Chair),Julien Renard,Carlos D'AnconaNeurourologyAdvanced90
W6 Management of Complications of Mesh Prolapse and Sling Surgery - Demonstration through Surgical Video CasesHoward Goldman (Chair),Sandip VasavadaPelvic Organ ProlapseAdvanced90
W7 Preclinical Urodynamics - Optimisation of Techniques, Measurements and InterpretationMatthew O. Fraser (Chair),Mitsuharu Yoshiyama,George KuchelResearch Methods / TechniquesAdvanced90
W8 E-health in Pelvic Floor DisordersEva Samuelsson (Chair),Janny Dekker,Anne Loohuis,Ina AsklundConservative ManagementBasic90
W9 Pelvic floor defecatory dysfunction: Management or cure?Alexis Schizas (Chair),Anton Emmanuel,Heidi Brown,Alison Hainsworth,Doreen McClurg,Carlene IgbediohAnorectal / Bowel DysfunctionAdvanced180
W10 Neuro-Urology: an Update in Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Therapy (Part I) Discussion on Challenging Cases (Part II)Rizwan Hamid (Chair),Helmut Madersbacher (Chair),Thomas Kessler,Giulio Del Popolo,John Heesakkers,Marcio Averbeck,Waleed Altaweel,Ulrich MehnertNeurourologyAdvanced180
W11 Holistic Approach by Bio-Psycho-Social model to Patients with Interstitial Cystitis / Bladder Pain SyndromeMing-Huei Lee (Chair),Christopher Payne,Teng-Lung Lin,Yukio Homma,Kai-Di JuangPelvic Pain Syndromes / Sexual DysfunctionBasic180
W12 Decision Making for Treatment of Post Prostatectomy IncontinenceWilhelm A. Huebner (Chair),Ervin Kocjancic,Flavio Trigo Rocha,Heather Lynn MokyMale Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) / IncontinenceAdvanced90

##Wednesday 14th September 2016

EC13 ICS Core Curriculum (Free) Transitional Care for Continence in Congenital Malformation: What to do and whenGiovanni Mosiello (Chair),Giulio Del Popolo,Kim Kwang,Paul Austin,Rien NijmanPaediatricsAdvanced180
EC14 ICS Core Curriculum (Free) Step by Step Basic Neurourology TeachingEmmanuel Chartier-Kastler (Chair),Marcio Averbeck,Jalesh Panicker,Thomas KesslerNeurourologyBasic90
EC15 ICS Core Curriculum (Free) Conservative Management of Adult Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: a Physiotherapy ApproachMargaret Sherburn (Chair),Doreen McClurg,Chantale Dumoulin,Patricia NeumannRehabilitationBasic180
W16 How to Build an Evidence-Based Guideline – Important Epidemiological PrinciplesMarco Blanker (Chair),Kari Tikkinen,Ilse Hofmeester,Rufus CartwrightResearch Methods / TechniquesBasic90
EC17 ICS Core Curriculum (Free) Ethical Issues in Professional and Research Practice: An Intermediate Level WorkshopNina Davis(Chair),Elise De,Alvaro Bedoya-RongaQuality of Life / EthicsAdvanced90
EC18 ICS Core Curriculum (Free) Nurse Lead Continence CareDonna Bliss (Chair),Wakako Satoh (Chair),Karen Logan, Jaclyn (Seok) LeeConservative ManagementBasic90
W19 Basic Urodynamics - an interactive workshopHashim Hashim (Chair),Marcus Drake,Arturo Garcia,Andrew GammieUrodynamicsBasic180

##Thursday 15th September 2016

W20 From pelvic floor muscle training to functional training in women with urinary incontinence; bottom line solution for adherence?Bary Berghmans (Chair),Maura Seleme,Alex Digesu,Nucelio LemosConservative ManagementAdvanced180
EC21 ICS Core Curriculum (Free) Basic Urodynamics for Female Lower Urinary Tract DysfunctionPeter Rosier (Chair),Maki Nakata,Naoki Yoshimura,Yasuhiko IgawaUrodynamicsBasic180
W22 Evidence-base and Clinical Application of Urologic CathetersDiane Newman (Chair),Sharon Eustice,Tomas Griebling,Mary WildeRehabilitationAdvanced90
W23 Underactive bladder and Voiding Dysfunction: New InsightsGommert van Koeveringe (Chair),Christopher Chapple,Matthias Oelke,Kevin RademakersMale Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) / IncontinenceAdvanced90

##Friday 16th September 2016

W24 Approaches to Pelvic Organ Prolapse SurgeryPhilippe Zimmern (Chair),Beri Ridgeway,Sandip VasavadaPelvic Organ ProlapseAdvanced180
EC25 ICS Core Curriculum (Free) ICS Teaching Modules - UrodynamicsPeter Rosier(Chair),Yukio Homma,Adrian WaggUrodynamicsBasic90
W26 Urinary retention in womenDavid Castro-Diaz (Chair),Christopher Chapple,Tufan Tarcan,Cristina Naranjo-Ortiz,Monserrat Espuña-PonsFemale Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) / Voiding DysfunctionAdvanced90

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