ICS Methodology in Basic Science

Workshop 3

Workshop Schedule


Karl-Erik Andersson


Yasuhiko Igawa


Maryrose Sullivan


Naoki Yoshimura



Aims & Objectives

90 minutes
Research Methods / Techniques
Basic Science / Translational
lower urinary tract animal modeling basic research method
Ueologists, Urogynecologists, basic scientists

This workshop entitled “ICS Methodology in Basic Science” is designed to provide the audience with basic and advanced knowledge of methodologies and terminology for data assessment of basic research experiments that explore the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying Neuro-Urological diseases such as overactive bladder, bladder pain and stress urinary incontinence. We also discuss the advantages and limitations of the use of animal models of lower urinary tract dysfunction when clinical translation is considered. Target audience includes urologists, gynecologists, basic scientists and those interested in basic research on Neuro-urology. This course will especially benefit the beginners who have limited previous research experience.