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Prof Yasuhiko Igawa
Nagano Prefectural Shinshu Medical Center

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Yasuhiko Igawa

ICS Editorial Board Member

Qualifications:PhD Professor Chairman of Department/Section
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From July, 2019, Director, Dept. of Urology, Nagano Prefecural Shinshu Medical Center
2010-June, 2019, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Continence Medicine, The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan
2003-2010, Associate Professor, Dept. of Urology, Shinshu University Graduate School of Medicine, Matsumoto, Japan
2001-2002 Visiting Ass. Professor, Dept. of Urology, University of Virginia, USA
1996- Associate Professor, Dept. of Urology, Shinshu University School of Medicine
1993 Consultant Urologist qualified by Japanese Urological Association(JUA)
1991-1993 Research Fellow in Lund University (Depts. of Urology & Clinical Pharmacology), Sweden
1990-1996 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Urology, Shinshu University School of Medicine
1987 Urologist qualified by JUA
1982-1987 Resident, Dept. of Urology, Shinshu University Hospital

1994 Ph.D. from Lund University, Faculty of Medicine (promoted by Professors. K.-E. Andersson & A. Mattiasson)
1994 Ph.D. from Shinshu University (promoted by Professor. A. Ogawa)

Member since 1985
43 original papers presented at the Annual Meetings
Session Chair at the Annual Meetings (Heidelberg 2002; Florence 2003; Christchurch 2006, San Francisco 2009, Glasgow 2011)
Lecturer at ICS Educational Course (Montreal 2005, Beijing 2006, Rotterdam 2008)
State-of-the-Art Lecturer at the Annual Meeting, Yokohama, 1997
Scientific Committee member, clinical representative (September 2008-August 2010)
Scientific Committee member and Local Organizing committee member, ICS 2016 Tokyo

International Consultation on Incontinence:
6th ICI (Tokyo, 2016)-Member of the Committees on Pathophysiology
5th ICI -Member of the Committees on Pathophysiology
4th ICI (Paris, 2007)-Member of the Committees on Neurogenic Urinary and Fecal Incontinence and on Research
3rd ICI (Monaco, 2004)-Member of the Committee on Neurogenic Patients
2nd ICI (Paris, 2001)-Vice-chairman of the Committee on Conservative Management in Neuropathic Urinary Incontinence
1st ICI (Monaco, 1998)-Co-chairman of the Committee on Conservative Management in the Neuropathic Patient

Member of Advisory Group of Japanese Continence Society (JCS)

Main Research Fields:
Neurourology, Clinical and Basic Pharmacology of LUT Dysfunction, Urinary Tract Reconstruction and Pediatric Urology

Prof Yasuhiko Igawa declared on the Wednesday 24th January 2024 that they had the following existing or known future financial relationships or affiliations:


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Astellas Pharma

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