ICS Core Curriculum (Free) Ethical Issues in Professional and Research Practice: An Intermediate Level Workshop

Workshop 17

Workshop Schedule


Elise Jaques Billings De


Sohier Elneil
Ruwan Janaka Fernando


Ryuji Sakakibara


Nina Sarah Davis



Aims & Objectives

90 minutes
Quality of Life / Patient and Caregiver Experiences
Medical Ethics Research Ethics Ethical Analysis
Those with an interest in a moderated discussion of the ethical principles applicable to research and clinical scenarios with a view toward sharing a broader perspective on academic, practical and cultural considerations in resolving ethical issue.

This workshop will be held in a half-round to allow maximum participation by all attendees. The intent is to foster lively discussion between presenters and participants. An initial brief review of medical and research ethics will serve as the foundation for the discussion of the clinical and research case studies outlined by the presenters. These case studies will be drawn from real-life occurrences in the areas of medical research, gynecologic practice, urologic practice and geriatrics. The presenters will help guide the discussion, highlighting important issues and working to build consensus in resolving the ethical dilemmas inherent in the case presentations.