Astellas: Plenary Satellite Symposium


Innovation in OAB: From Theory into Practice

Thursday 15th September 2016, 16:05 - 17:30. Hall B5



|Welcome and Introduction|Osamu Yamaguchi and David Staskin|
|The Science and Theory of OAB: A Japanese Journey|Osamu Yamaguchi and Francisco Cruz|
|OAB 2016: A Road Half Travelled?|David Staskin|
|OAB 2020: Future Positive|Francisco Cruz and Con Kelleher|

The faculty will examine the leading role Japanese research and development has played in understanding overactive bladder and the current treatment options, as well as what the future holds for patients and clinicians alike. The session endeavours to answer the following questions:

  • Why don’t patients persist with treatment?
  • How does our understanding of the pathophysiology of the lower urinary tract provide the key to current and future treatment strategies?
  • Can we define sub populations of patients in a clinically meaningful way?
  • How does the emerging ‘real-life’ data inform treatment choice?
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