The Ageing Bladder Reconsidered : Urinary Homeostasis from Basket to Casket

Workshop 15

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Phillip Smith


Anthony John Kanai


Stefan de Wachter


Phillip Smith
Anthony John Kanai
Stefan de Wachter


Phillip Smith

Aims & Objectives

90 minutes
Geriatrics / Gerontology
Pure and Applied Science / Translational
Ageing bladder homeostasis
Clinicians and scientists interested in the basic science and clinical translation of adaptive urinary control physiology and the impact of ageing.

Urinary disorders are common and morbid in the aged, yet are too often poorly addressed by a bladder pressure/volume-centric paradigm. A systemic approach is needed. This workshop will reconsider urinary control physiology as integrative control providing biologic adaptability to bladder filling and voiding, gained by maturation and progressively compromised in the ageing system. Loss of resilience with ageing increases the likelihood of urinary disorders but does not preclude adaptive performance. We will specifically focus on the basic science and clinical impact of the bladder as an adjustable sensor and actuator in an ageing homeostatic system. Research and clinical impacts will be discussed among the panel and participants.