Peer review of ICS Terminology Paper Male Lower Urinary Tract and Pelvic floor Dysfunction

Committee Activity

The Terminology for Male Lower Urinary Tract and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, currently in its final stages of review will be open for discussion.
This is the first such male-specific document and the first review of male terminology in 16 years. Of the around 350 definitions, close to 50% will be new.

Your chance to have your input. Version 19 of the document will be on the ICS website from 18th August.

14.00 14.05 Introduction Bernard Haylen
14.05 14.10 Section 1 Symptoms Matthias Oelke
14.10 14.15 Section 2 Signs Sender Herschorn
14.15 14.20 Section 3 Investigations Carlos D'Anconca
14.20 14.25 Section 4 Imaging Luis Abranches-Monteiro
14.25 14.30 Section 5 Diagnoses Ted Arnold
14.30 15.00 Open forum Bernard Haylen to moderate