Shifting the Incontinence paradigm from cure to care: What to offer when medical interventions fail

Workshop 3

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Adrian Stuart Wagg


Marco H Blanker


Paul van Houten


Joan Ostaszkiewicz


Paul van Houten
Marco H Blanker
Adrian Stuart Wagg
Joan Ostaszkiewicz

Aims & Objectives

90 minutes
Conservative Management
Pure and Applied Science / Translational
conservative management health service delivery quality of life
Conservative Management

-To show that not a lot of guidance is given for the daily management of continence care with containment products in clinical guidelines
-To explain a model/ approach developed in the Netherlands to have GP’s/continence nurse prescribe or recommend containment product types that make the best possible match between needs/preferences and supplied product
-Which questions to ask for a toileting and containment strategy .
-Incontinence among other problems in frail elderly. The role of the holistic care plan in multi problem cases: loneliness, pain, nutrition, oral health, exercise, continence care.
-Which outcomes (KPI’s) are we looking for in the daily management of incontinence with a toileting and containment strategy?