SINUG Society Session

Society Meeting

This society meeting of the Iberoamerican Society of Neurourology and Urogynaecology (SINUG) intends to provide an update on those current hot and controversial topics in the field of Functional Urology and Uro-gynaecology. Urologists, Gynaecologist, Uro-gynaecologists, and all allied professions with an interest in pelvic floor dysfunction will be welcome.

The views expressed in these Society Sessions are those of the speakers and not necessarily those of the International Continence Society.

Chairs: Salvador Arlandis, Montse Espuña

09:0009.15Debate-To Mesh or not to Mesh: when, who, whom and how?Alicia Martin & Carlos Müller
09:1509:25Treatment adherence in lower urinary tract dysfunctionPedro Blasco
09:2509:35Combination therapy for OABFrancisco Cruz
09:3509:45Delivery & pelvic floor dysfunctionLluis Amat
09:4510:30Clinical case discussion on how to manage failure of SUI surgeryModerators: Barbara Padilla-Fernández & Blanca Madurga Panelists: Cristina Ros, Merycarla Pichardo, Carlos Errando, Juan Pablo Valdevenito