ICS Core Curriculum: Updates in Diagnosis and Treatment of Neurogenic Bladder in Children and Adolescent

Workshop 17

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Workshop Schedule


Christopher Cooper


Jian Guo Wen


Soren Rittig


Israel Franco


Jian Guo Wen

Aims & Objectives

90 minutes
neurogenic bladder Urodynamic evaluation diagnosis and treatment
Urology, Urogynaecology and Female & Functional Urology, Bowel Dysfunction, Conservative Management

Pediatric neurogenic bladder (PNB) is frequently confronted in clinical practice and severely affects the quality of life, especially in cases with incontinence and upper urinary tract deterioration. The urodynamic study (UDS) helps to define the type and severity of PNB and to guide the most effective treatment protocol. In addition, urodynamic evaluation results are prognostic of the risk for upper urinary tract damage as well as treatment efficacy. This workshop will describe the advanced knowledge of PNB related to the pathophysiology, the correct performance and interpretation of UDS results as well as its application in diagnosis and treatment, and the best strategy in different treatment procedures.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the pathophysiology of PNB and learn how to perform the pediatric urodynamic study (UDS) as well as analyze its result, especially in children with PNB.
  • To understand the non-surgical treatment of PNB including voiding training, CIC, electrical stimulation as well as pharmaceutical therapy as indicated by the UDS results.
  • To understand the surgical treatment protocol as indicated by UDS and the recommended follow-up of patients with PNB by using UDS