Steinar Hunskaar

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Steinar Hunskaar

How Do We Know Anything?

In the lecture titled “How Do We Know Anything?” Professor Hunskaar will give a review and discussion of the evolution of our understanding of scientific knowledge and “truths”. He will describe and interpret the scientific hierarchy and principles from anecdote to meta-analysis, and what should be the basis for determining best clinical practice. The lecture will use examples from relevant ICS fields, including pitfalls and examples of bad or missing science and the possible consequences.

Why is ICS important:
"The ICS is the leading organisation for incontinence research and education. The annual congress is a major venue for presenting and discussing novel results and evolution of better practices. Epidemiology of incontinence and other LUTS is a basis for understanding the prevalence and burden of disease, and analytical epidemiology identifies risk factors and possible disease mechanisms."

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07/07/2024 16:11:32  18817
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