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About ICS 2023 Toronto

The 53rd meeting of the International Continence Society will be held in Toronto in 2023, with the latest breakthroughs in treatment and technology on display, healthcare professionals will learn about the latest advancements in this field. Attendees will also have the opportunity to network with peers, exchange ideas, and share best practices. This is sure to be an invaluable experience for all involved.

An annual meeting of the International Continence Society brings together healthcare professionals interested in treating incontinence patients from all over the world. This conference provides a platform for networking, research, and professional development. Leading experts present workshops and state-of-the-art sessions. It provides a platform to exchange ideas and share best practices.

There's no better opportunity for healthcare professionals to make a real difference in incontinence sufferers' lives than ICS 2023 Toronto.

Toronto, welcome to the city

The iconic skyline of Toronto is only the beginning of what makes this city so breathtaking. Toronto’s stunning harbourfront provides a crisp contrast to our sprawling architecture – with some of the avant-garde buildings designed by Toronto’s Frank Gehry. A shopping trip that begins on a luxurious tree-lined street can end up in the world’s largest underground shopping complex, spanning for kilometres. Truly, the beauty lies in the differences.

The Metro Toronto Convention Centre is only a minute away from many major attractions. On any given day or night, the downtown core is full of delightful arts and entertainment. Whether it’s the colourful vibe of Kensington Market, or a night at a low-key blues club, there really is something for everyone

Getting to Toronto: Our international delegates can easily travel into Toronto Pearson International Airport.

For additional travel information please see The Metro Toronto Convention Centre website.

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