Howard Goldman


OAB Drugs and Dementia: Where does truth lie?

Thursday 28th September 2023
Anticholinergic medications have been the mainstay of overactive bladder for many years. Recently there have been publications that have implied that such medications may lead to dementia. The popular press has picked up on this with headlines that have scared patients as well as their physicians.

This State of the Art Lecture entitled OAB Drugs and Dementia – Where does the Truth Lie - will attempt to clarify what we know today about OAB anticholinergics and dementia. Are these drugs contributors to dementia, is there only an association or is there no connection? We will review the potential mechanism of action as well as the current data to get a better understanding of what we really know about this important topic.

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15/06/2024 14:15:09  19805
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