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Additional Information

Applications for Sponsor and/or Exhibition must be made in writing with the booking form.

Contracts & Confirmation

Sponsors: Once a Booking Form is received, a contract will be sent to you for signature with an accompanying invoice. This contract should be signed and returned with a 60% deposit payment. Upon receipt of the Booking Form the organizer will reserve the items listed in it. Completion of the Booking Form by the Sponsor shall be considered as a commitment to purchase the items.

Exhibitors: Once a signed Booking Form is received, a confirmation of exhibition will be e-mailed to you with an accompanying invoice.

Support terms & conditions

The Terms and Conditions of the Sponsor will be included in the contract as well.

Payment Terms & Methods

  • 60% upon receipt of the Sponsorship agreement and first invoice
  • 40% by March 7th, 2023

All payments must be received before the start date of the Meeting. Should the Exhibitor fail to complete payments prior to the commencement of the Meeting, the Organiser will be entitled to cancel the reservation while cancellation will be subject to cancellation fees as determined below.

Please note that a surcharge of 400 USD will apply for last minute changes or for submitting your Meeting materials after the deadline (deadlines to be confirmed).

Cancellation / Modification Policy

Cancellation or modification of support items must be made in writing to the Industry Liaison and Sales Department: Mrs. Renata Gorinstein –

In case of cancellation or reduction of the Sponsorship Amount by Sponsor, the Organizer shall have the right to retain, and if not already paid, Sponsor must pay to Organizer, as agreed liquidated damages, the following amounts in according to the following time schedule, and Sponsor forfeits and waives any right or claim for a refund, in connection therewith:

  • 10% of the Sponsorship Amount if the cancellation/reduction is made before 29/01/2023 inclusive
  • 50% of the Sponsorship Amount if the cancellation/ reduction is made between 30/01/2023 and 29/05/2023 inclusive.
  • 100% of the Sponsorship Amount if the cancellation/ reduction is made after - 30/05/2023

VAT Information

All prices are exclusive of VAT and are subject to VAT, which will be added to the invoice.

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