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Be seen at ICS 2023

Promotional Support Items

There are a range of items available to make your company more visible at ICS 2023.

If something is not listed, then please get in contact with with Renata Gorinstein,

Product Theatre

Meet with attendees and key decision makers to share your new research outcomes, discuss your clinical protocols, and conduct product demonstrations of your new products and services. Product Theatre sessions are 30 minutes in length and will be held in a designated area(s) in the exhibit hall, which is set up in theatre style for 50 attendees. No other sessions of the scientific programme will run in parallel but may run concurrent with other corporate sponsors. Product Theatres provide a high value, live educational opportunity for hosts to reach engaged healthcare professionals. These sessions deliver a platform to gather and discuss issues on patient education, specific products and therapeutic areas.

Located in the Exhibit hall, Product Theatre provides an opportunity to:

  • Highlight and demonstrate new and existing products
  • Provide up-to-date research findings
  • Give product details in-depth
  • Demonstrate products
  • Distribute branded materials

Hospitality Suites/Meeting Rooms

An opportunity to hire a room at the Meeting venue that will be used as a Hospitality Suite. The space will be available for the supporter to host and entertain its guests throughout the Meeting. Supporters will have the option to order catering at an additional cost. Hospitality provided will be in compliance with all relevant industry codes and compliance guidelines. Cost depends on room size (AV is not included). Benefits include:

  • Opportunity to brand the hospitality suite
  • Acknowledgement on directional signage outside suite

Speaker’s ready room

Facilities will be available at the Venue for speakers and abstract presenters to check their presentations.

  • The Supporter’s name/or company logo will appear on all signs for this room
  • Opportunity to display Supporter’s logo on screensavers at each workstation

Welcome Reception

Supporter will have the opportunity to promote itself through a welcome reception on the first evening to which all registered attendees are invited. Hospitality and any activities provided will be in compliance with all relevant industry codes.

  • Supporter's logo on sign at the entrance to the Welcome Reception
  • Opportunity to provide items bearing company logo for use at the event

Coffee breaks

Coffee will be served during breaks in the exhibition area. Hospitality provided will be in compliance with all relevant industry codes.

  • Opportunity to have a one-day display of company’s logo at the catering point located within the exhibit area.
  • Opportunity to provide items bearing company logo for use during the supported break.

Charging Kiosk

Branded Charging Kiosk for multiple devices, including smart phones and tablets. It's a great way to leave a lasting impression on the Meeting delegates.

  • Opportunity to brand the Charging Kiosk with your company name and logo

Festival Chairs

The branded Seating Cubes are stylish and informal. This multipurpose cardboard stool can be customised to match whatever theme you have chosen for the event.

  • Opportunity to use the branded seats in your Product Theatre session
  • Opportunity to customise the seating cubes
  • 50 branded seats will be produced
  • Location of seating cubes onsite to be coordinated with Secretariat

17/11/2023 07:01:47
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