ICS CORE CURRICULUM (FREE), Continence Management in Adolescence

Workshop 4

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Ashani Couchman


Anna R Spivak


Dragana Dragan Zivkovic


Ashani Couchman


Ashani Couchman
Dragana Dragan Zivkovic

Aims & Objectives

90 minutes
Adolescent continence Urinary and faecal Incontinence Psychological effects
Urology, Bowel Dysfunction, Conservative Management

The management of continence in the adolescent is complex and has to be individualized. The bio-psycho-social model is key in successful implementation of care and ongoing support in the natural progression to personal ownership of their healthcare. In presenting an overview and following that with an interactive case based discussion we hope to do a deep dive into key factors in assessment, management and follow up of this unique group of patients.

Our aim is to promote an interdisciplinary approach to the holistic management of the adolescent with incontinence - congenital or acquired.

Learning Objectives

  • Key factors in assessment of continence in the adolescent
  • Understanding psychological and social factors influencing management and ongoing care
  • Shifting patterns in the modern management of continence in adolescence - the effects of isolation and pandemics