Emerging Neuromodulation Technologies for the Treatment of OAB

Round Table Discussion 4

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10/07/2024 23:29:12

Neuromodulation has become a mainstay of the management of difficult overactive bladder cases. Innovation in this field continues - as evidenced by new technologies utilizing different stimulation targets. This roundtable will examine several emerging technologies including tibial nerve implants and innovations in sacral, transcranial as well as non-invasive spinal stimulation. An awareness of these new modalities is critical as we continue to seek to improve the care of our patients with OAB.

Introduction of topic and speakers Howard Goldman
Transcranial overview Rose Khavari
Innovations in Sacral overview Dean Elterman
Nonivasive Spinal overview Evgeniy Kreydin
Implantable Tibial overview John Heesakkers
Crossfire questions All Speakers