Nurses Forum

Committee Activity

Learning from nurse leaders in continence care.

The ICS Nursing Committee invite you to an afternoon of nursing focused talks and discussions. Listen to lectures of recent research and experiences of nursing around the world. The ICS Nursing Committee will also provide an update on their current activities.

This session is free to all registered delegates and no pre-registration is required.

13:30 13:40 Welcome, Introductions, Brief Committee Update Tamara Dickinson (ICS Nursing Committee Chair)
13:40 14:05 Forum Keynote: The role of nursing in holistically sustainable continence care Dr. Tiina Vaittinen
14:05 14:10 Questions & Answers Dr. Tiina Vaittinen
14:10 14:25 Bioethics, politics and fecal incontinence Dr. Anna Rajala
14:25 15:00 Questions & Answers Dr. Anna Rajala
15:00 15:10 Updates on the Canadian Continence Nursing Front Frankie Bates
15:10 15:25 Introduction of the ICS Bowel Diary Dr. Donna Bliss
15:25 15:30 Questions & Answers Dr. Donna Bliss