Unravelling OAB: The Road to Precision Treatments

Round Table Discussion 7

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We are looking forward to having you for this round table. Along with an international panel of experts including Dr Adrian Wagg (geriatrician, Edmonton, Canada), Dr Stuart Reynolds (urologist, Nashville, USA), Dr Claire Hentzen (Physical medicine and rehabilitation, Paris, France) and Dr Benjamin Brucker (urologist, New York, USA) we will delve into the pathophysiology of overactive bladder, to demonstrate how deciphering the symptoms and urodynamics’ profile may help to identify several subtypes of OAB. We will also discuss the existing evidence showing that these various OAB phenotypes respond differently to the current OAB treatments. The whole session will then be a very pragmatical plea to the audience to individualize OAB treatments to individual patients’ characteristics from now on but also how this concept of OAB phenotypes may shape the future of this syndrome in terms of management and research.

Topic Speaker
The concept of OAB phenotypes. Benoit Peyronnet (Rennes, France)
Central sensitization and OAB : a need for tailored treatment? Stuart Reynolds (Vanderbilt, Nashville, USA)
How to individualize treatment in the elderly: anticholinergic burden, cognitive dysfunction, functional incontinence. Adrian Wagg (Edmonton, Canada)
Subclinical autonomic dysfunction: diagnosis and impact on OAB management. Claire Hentzen (Paris, France)
Can Urodynamics really help to tailor OAB treatment? Benjamin Brucker (New York University, USA)
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