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ICS Background

ICS 1974, Mainz

1st - 5th June 1974

ICS 1974

Convenor: Rudi Hohenfellner, ably assisted by Udo Jonas, Karl-Fritz Stockamp and Friedhelm Schreiter.

There were 21 published presentations, some of which covered material stimulated by papers presented at the 1973 meeting.

There were around 50-60 participants.

The meeting was held at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Surgical Lecture Hall.

Reception: Osteiner Hof Schillerplatz 1

Annual Dinner Dance: At Gutenfels Castle travelling by a river boat from Mainz. The Castle is in the wild romantic Rhein valley near Kaub. There was a spear roast and beer from a barrel and the famous Rheingau wines, in the manner of the knights of ancient times. Returning by train at 1 am!