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ICS Background

ICS 1977, Portoroz

1st - 3rd September 1977

ICS 1977

Convenor: Prof Peter Šuhel

Scientific chair: David Vodusek

At the meeting poster presentations were featured for the first time in ICS.

Portoroz is a modern and very attractive seaside resort.

The Annual Dinner was held at the Hotel Adria in Ankaran, reached by boat from Portoroz to Koper then a bus ride. The Dinner was held at a 16th century monastery convent.

Entertainment included folk dances from Slovenia

Peter Šuhel (electrical engineer), began research on the use of electrical stimulation for urinary incontinence in 1970. He formed an interdisciplinary team of urologists, gynaecologists, neurophysiologists, and engineers. Eric recalled that “Peter was an active supporter and participant in ICS activities. He and his colleagues ran a very successful 7th meeting of ICS in 1977 in the holiday resort of Portoroz, and included a hydrofoil excursion to an island for an al fresco social event. He visited me in Glasgow, and my sons came to know him as ‘Uncle Peter’.” The innovation of poster presentations was welcomed by participants and Peter deserves congratulations for introducing the idea to the ICS.