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ICS Background

ICS 1979, Rome

4th - 6th October 1979

ICS 1979

Convenor: Umberto Bologna

Scientific Chair: Francesco Pesce

Eric Glen and Norman Zinner recall that Umberto had a magnificent estate, with a large swimming pool shaped like the outline of the ICS logo, denoting a bladder and urethra, with bushes planted around the outlet. No photos could be found to depict this, but the story is confirmed by his son Maurizio! He made his own wine and grappa – of the latter, he claimed that it would never cause a headache unlike commercial brands. Either he was correct, or it affected the memory! He was one of the earliest uro-gynaecologists and Presidente, Societa` Italiana Della Continenza.

The meeting was well attended and Eric Glen, the Honorary Secretary noted that it was encouraging to see so many contributions from younger members.