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ICS Background

ICS 1986, Boston

17th - 19th September 1986

ICS 1986

Convenor: Bob Krane.
Scientific Chair: Mike Siroky

This was the 3rd and last joint meeting of ICS with the Urodynamic Society (UDS) after Los Angeles in 1980 and Aachen in 1983.

The opening ceremony was in the upper chamber of Faneuil Hall in downtown Boston. A fife and drum company providing the entertainment and a short welcoming speech by a US Health Official representing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The welcome function was in an outdoor tent next to the New England Aquarium and included lobster and steak as the main attraction as well as a visit to the aquarium. A US Health official gave a serious speech at the annual dinner concerning funding issues. Many members at the time thought this was a spoof and there was some talking and heckling and clapping, which proved very embarrassing when later it was revealed that he was ‘for real’. ICS learned from this that speeches at Annual Dinners are not for serious subjects, but more for enjoying of social interaction with friends.

Just prior to the ICS meeting there had been a 2 day meeting of the International Society for Urodynamics of the Upper (ISDU) Tract at Rhode Island.