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ICS Background

ICS 2000, Tampere

28th - 31st August 2000

ICS 2000

Convenor: Teuvo Tammela

At the Opening Ceremony the Chancellor of the University of Tampere, Governor Heikki Koski, welcomed members to this University city.

Teuvo Tammela reported that there were approximately 1600 participants from 38 different countries at the meeting. “We were very lucky with the weather which was very beautiful all the time although the summer 2000 as a whole was rainy in Finland. The social programme succeeded also very well and we had warm atmosphere. During the Annual Dinner everyone was offered reindeer meat (main course) warm practically at the same time, service worked so well” he stated.

There were three State-of-the-Art-lectures given by Tage Hald, Karl-Erik Andersson and Ulf Ulmsten. Economically the meeting succeeded well and we made good profit for the ICS

Key Dates

Abstract Submission
1 January 2000 - 1 April 2000