ICS Recognised/Endorsed Courses

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ICS Recognised/Endorsed Courses

Achieve recognition for your course

The ICS acknowledges that there are courses run internationally that set high standards of education and are framed in a way that is applicable internationally with variations to suit local conditions. ICS has been “recognising” urodynamic courses and training programmes for several years that conform to the ICS standards. The ICS are now offering this recognition to any discipline.

There are two ways to have your course recognised by the ICS

ICS Recognition
If your company runs a repeat course multiple times per year then the ICS can recognised the course and provide a certificate lastly 3 years stating that the programme conforms to the ICS standards thus giving an internationally recognised seal of approval. The ICS will also provide assistance marketing the recognised course to the ICS membership and beyond. For more information and the application form click here

ICS Endorsement
Perhaps your company is running a one off course with a pre-defined programme. The ICS can review the programme and endorse the course/event. Endorsement allows for the use of the ICS logo and assistance with marketing the event. For more information about endorsement please contact the ICS Office info@ics.org

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