1 - 24 August 2013

Edinburgh, United Kingdom





Comedy and Continence - Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Comedy and Continence - Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Laughing is no laughing matter for one third of women. This show, written and presented by a physiotherapist, is bursting with clenching comedy which teaches you all about your pelvic floor. PS: Relax, there's no show-and-tell involved! ‘A refreshing look at what is usually a one-liner in a male comedian's set ... in an open and hilarious manner’ (ThreeWeeks). ‘...calm, easy going style ... certainly had a few twists and turns along the way ... happy to see more of [her] in the future’ (one4review.wordpress.com). ‘...plenty of nice comedic ideas to keep it all frothing along’ (Scotsman).

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Gusset Grippers - a show about pelvic floor exercises written and performed by a physiotherapist who has a hobby of stand up comedy. Visit www.gussetgrippers.weebly.com for more info.

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