5th International Neuro-Urology Meeting


Dear friends and colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,

It is our great honour and pleasure to invite you to attend the 5th International Neuro-Urology Meeting, to be held in Zürich, Switzerland, from 25-28 January 2017.

Neuro-Urology is a highly-regarded and relevant sub-speciality bridging the fields of both neurology and urology to treat and prevent the debilitating manifestations of lower urinary tract dysfunction which have major impact on our patients‘ health and their quality of life.

The world’s leading experts in Neuro-Urology will provide an overview on the latest advances in research and clinical practice of this rapidly developing and exciting discipline. This unique meeting combines state-of-the-art lectures, lively panel discussions, and hands-on workshops with emphasis placed on interactive components. There will be many opportunities to exchange thoughts, experiences and ideas and also make new friendships.

We are proud to announce that the International Neuro-Urology Meeting will now be the official annual congress of the International Neuro-Urology Society (INUS), a charitable, non-profit organisation aiming to promote all areas of Neuro-Urology at a global level and whose inauguration was inspired during the last International Neuro-Urology Meetings.

To promote the next generation of outstanding young researchers and clinicians who represent the future of Neuro-Urology, we are excited to again announce the prestigious Swiss Continence Foundation Award of 10’000 Swiss francs which will be awarded to the best contribution from a young Neuro-Urology talent at the 5th International Neuro-Urology Meeting.

We are extremely honoured to be organising the 5th International Neuro-Urology Meeting and are looking forward to seeing you in Zürich.

Best regards
Thomas M. Kessler and Ulrich Mehnert

25/01/2020 19:27:13
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