ACA Paediatric Continence Workshop 2017


Back by popular demand, the Paediatric Continence Workshop will take place on Tuesday 23rd May 2017 at the Belfast Waterfront in Northern Ireland.

This workshop is aimed at a large cohort of school nurses and staff working with young people, and will be discussing toilet training, autism, paediatric urology, and constipation in children. This workshop will be of particular interest for those of you living and working in Northern Ireland so please encourage your paediatric colleagues to attend.

Programme Highlights

• Constipation and learning difficulties – what are the challenges? June Rogers, MBE, PromoCon Paediatric Specialist
• Toilet Training Children with Autism: Davina Richardson, Children’s Continence Nurse, South Tees NHS Foundation Trust
• Development of the “Poo Passport”: Ann Costigan
• Paediatric urology: Liz Boyce, Urology CNS, Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin, Dublin
• Ask the Experts: Davina Richardson, June Rogers plus other session speakers
• And many more!

The cost to attend this workshop is £40 and includes access to the large exhibition throughout the morning. Tea and coffee will be on offer with elevenses being served at the end of the workshop, allowing another opportunity to visit the exhibition. Registration opens at 8am and the day ends at 12.10pm.

The Paediatric Continence Workshop sold out fast last year so make sure you and your colleagues book today, please visit

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