16 - 17 October 2017

London, United Kingdom





OBSTRACT: interpreting the abstraction of tissue regeneration and re-engineering of female pelvic floor disorders in clinical practice


Scientific discussion meeting organised by Dr Sohier Elneil, Professor Sheila MacNeil, Professor Margot Damaser and Dr Gloria Esegbona.

This novel interdisciplinary meeting will bring together scientists and clinicians to review our current understanding of the pathophysiology of female pelvic floor disorders (PFD). Through an analysis of the molecular, cellular, biomechanical and neurological constituents that govern the trauma and subsequent healing process, and correlating this with the ambiguities plaguing the prognosis of surgical repairs. Investigate how our current technologies of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering may offer restorative properties of existing pelvic floor tissue. In addition, explore how these treatment methods can be used in a cost-effective, personalized and scientific approach to care.

25/01/2020 19:30:02
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