22 - 23 June 2017

Dundee, United Kingdom





Pelvic Floor Dysfunction - Diagnosis to Management


This course has been awarded 12 CPD Points

Course Director: Dorin Ziyaie

With ever increasing awareness of symptoms and disorders related to “Pelvic Floor Dysfunction” comes the need for recognition, assessment and treatment tailored to specific patient’s demographics. The patient and condition profile mandate partnership that combines multitude of disciplines. The multidisciplinary approach is the key to successful outcome not only in terms of cure but also more importantly in terms of adjustment of expectations and realistic outcome measures.

With emergence of new techniques and approach to an array of often complex and debilitating problems, we aim to bring together primary care (general practice), hospital practitioners (colorectal surgery, urogynaecology, radiology, mental health) and the allied health (physiotherapy, specialist nursing and physiology) to share knowledge, experience and expertise.

The course aims to provide an update on current practice for all concerned with lectures and demonstration of the practical techniques.

The two day course is open to all specialities named above in practice or training.

· Anatomy and physiology of the pelvic floor

· Assessment and diagnostic pathways

· Conservative adjuncts to management

· Faecal incontinence and treatment strategies

· Urinary incontinence and treatment strategies

· Slow transit constipation

· Obstructed defaecation

· Pelvic organ prolapse

· Chronic pelvic pain

· MDT in pelvic floor dysfunction

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