10 - 10 October 2017

London, United Kingdom





Neurogenic bowel - the bottom line


Join the RCN Neuroscience Forum, Continence Forum and Gastrointestinal Nursing Forum for a workshop and find out what nurses need to know about appropriate bowel management for patients with neurogenic bowel dysfunction.

Explore the challenges for patients with neurogenic bowel and hear the patient perspective. Learn about the issues relating to the causes of this condition, and how to provide the best management, interventions and support.

  • demonstrate understanding of the anatomy and physiology of defecation and pathophysiology of neurogenic bowel dysfunction.
  • assess a patient with neurogenic bowel dysfunction
  • explain a variety of interventions that may be used in managing neurogenic bowel dysfunction
  • practice digital rectal examination under the supervision of a competent practitioner
  • demonstrate understanding of the role of the nurse in performing digital rectal examination (DRE) and digital removal of faeces (DRF).

Workshop fee - £50 + VAT

How can I book a place?

The easiest way to book a place is by calling 0292 054 6460

You can also download a booking form on our website and send to: eventsreg@rcn.org.uk

We regret that we are unable to take any online bookings at present.

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