29 - 30 September 2018

Hamilton, New Jersey, United States





Physical Therapy Treatment of the Pediatric Pelvic Floor Patient: Birth to 18 Years - Hamilton, NJ


This course will allow the participants to learn about the development of the pelvic floor through the early life span. Early development of bladder and bowel control will be discussed for both typically developing and developmentally disabled children. Toilet training techniques for typically developing children will be shared. Common neurological dysfunctions will be discussed as well as bowel and bladder training for the neurologically disabled child. Common pelvic floor dysfunctions of teenagers will be discussed such as amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea and pediatric pelvic pain. Treatment of bladder dysfunction in children and teenagers will be discussed including the use of sEMG biofeedback. Education and treatment of the incontinent teenage athlete will be outlined.

21/05/2020 18:50:18
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