15 - 17 June 2018

Wichita, Kansas, United States





Fundamental Topics of Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy


This 3-day course provides practical, evidence-based knowledge and skill in physical therapy evaluation and intervention with the pregnant and postpartum patient. Didactic instruction includes: anatomical and physiologic changes in pregnancy; differential diagnosis in peri-partum; pregnancy-specific changes in posture and gait; postpartum recovery and scar tissue assessment and intervention; modalities during pregnancy and post-partum, biomechanical strategies; exercise and wellness in pregnancy and postpartum. Additionally, advanced clinical decision making with this population is discussed. Labs contain an average ratio of 8:1 participants to lab instructors to ensure valuable attention to each participant.

Labs offer skills that are immediately applicable in your clinic and include: modifications of the pregnant examination; lumbopelvic examination and special tests (particularly for pelvic girdle dysfunctions); diastasis rectus abdominis assessment and intervention; external pelvic floor assessment and exercise (NO internal pelvic floor taught at this course); stabilization exercise in pregnancy and postpartum; Cesarean scar assessment and mobilization techniques. At the end of this course, all participants will participate in comprehensive situational lab scenarios to pull together all skills learned. Skills integration testing is performed at the end of the third day.

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