05 - 07 December 2019

Amsterdam, Netherlands





ESSIC Annual Meeting 2019


ESSIC is happy to announce its 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Bladder Pain Syndrome/Interstitial Cystitis has kept researchers and clinicians focused for decades. In the recent past, tremendous progress has been made in understanding, diagnosing and treating BPS/IC. You will know that ESSIC has been very instrumental in achieving this progress. But there is still a lot to be done. The 2019 meeting in Amsterdam is an ideal forum to present, discuss and make plans. Our meeting is fully focused on this clinical condition, what permits us to go deeper and understand better. We encourage everyone dealing with patients with BPS/IC to participate and, by discussing many different topics, increase your own knowledge and that of colleagues from around the world. The ultimate beneficiary is our patient, and that is what we are all aiming for.
ESSIC President |
Jean-Jacques Wyndaele

05/08/2020 11:58:56
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