BBRAIN Working Group

BBRAIN Working Group

Brain-Bladder Research and Imaging Network (BBRAIN)

Task: In a new and rapidly developing field such as bladder-related brain imaging, an important task is to avoid confusion by standardizing some of the terminology and procedures that are introduced, and align them with similar terms and procedures being used in related fields.

Structure: BBRAIN functions as a subgroup of the ICS Working group on basic science of LUT function and dysfunction, which aims to produce a standardization document(s) dealing with cell physiology, integrative physiology, and urodynamics. BBRAIN aims to produce a similar standardization publication in the brain imaging field, for inclusion in the main document. The ICS expects the bulk of this work to be done within the next 12 months.

Mechanics: The discussion and document preparation run as a “forum” on the ICS website. The forum has access to the opinions of experts who are not ICS members by giving them consultant status.

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