Chronic Pelvic Pain Group (SSCWG1)

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Chronic Pelvic Pain Group (SSCWG1)

I am delighted to invite you to be member of  the working group on chronic pelvic pain. I hope you are still willing to take this on.
30 people applied to join the committee, and we have selected a shortlist from these- based on expertise, specialty and geography.
Kristene Whitmore is the SSC member mentoring to the group.
Dominic Turner will help to set up a working group forum so that we all can receive communications, and make comments
The aim of this working group is to standardize terminology rather than develop treatment guidelines, and it would be appropriate to work with other relevant organizations for best chance of wide acceptance.

Ragi Doggweiler, 2011

Working Group Members

  • Ragi Doggweiler (Working Group Chair)
  • Marcus Drake (Mentor)
  • Kristene Whitmore (Mentor)
  • Bert Messelink (Consultant)
  • Lori Birder
  • Chris Constantinou
  • Matthew Fraser
  • Helena Frawley
  • Gustavo Garrido
  • Philip Hanno
  • Yukio Homma
  • Jane Meijlink
  • Hikaru Tomoe
  • Arndt van Ophoven
09/05/2021 11:43:46
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