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Available ICS Committee positions for 2017

The following Elected Positions are open for nominations:

Trustee Positions:

  • ICS Board of Trustees x 5 ( 1 x General Secretary Elect and 4 x Trustees – any profession)

Please apply using the Trustee application form

Committee Chair Positions:

  • Ethics Committee - Chair
  • Neuro-urology Promotion Committee - Chair
  • Nursing Committee- Chair
  • Physiotherapy Committee – Chair
  • Urodynamics Committee - Chair

Elected Committee Member Positions:

  • Scientific Committee – Non-Clinical Representative
  • Scientific Committee – Physiotherapy Representative

Please apply using the Elected position application form. Please note the deadline for Chair applications, from current or past members is 1st March. The deadline for all other positions is 1st April 2017.

This is due to the change in bylaws concerning Committee Chair positions, please see below. Should the office receive no applications from current or past members by this date then they will advertise the available Chair positions to the membership, any current ICS member can apply- with the deadline for applications on 1st April 2017.

As per the ICS Bylaws concerning Committee Chair positions, ICS will therefore not be seeking applications from ICS members for the Committee Chair positions unless no applications are received from existing or recent (within the past 5 years) committee members. Should this be the case then the ICS office will call for applications from the membership. All Chair nominations will go to membership vote (this remains unchanged in the bylaws.) Please note that all elected positions (Trustee and Chair) require nominations from ICS members. So if you are interested in applying for an elected position then you will need to be nominated and seconded by a current ICS member. These nominations should be emailed to info@ics.org

Committee Member Positions:

  • Children and Young Adults Committee - 1 position
  • Education Committee – 1 Physiotherapy position
  • Nursing Committee – 2 positions
  • Publications & Communications Committee – 3 positions
  • Standardisation Steering Committee- 1 position (patient representative)

Please apply using the Expression of Interest application form.
Expressions of interest need to reach the ICS office by 1st April 2017

For more information on any of the above positions please contact ICS via email on info@ics.org or call +44 (0)117-9444881.

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