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The ICS in conjunction with the SAU will be hosting an education course in Buenos Aires. This course will be an add-on to the annual Symposium of the SAU - Simposio Avances en Urología 2012 and will be held on 15th June 2012 at the Hilton Buenos Aires Hotel.


The local ICS coordinators are Drs. Salomón Victor Romano, Christian Cobreros and Gustavo Garrido.


The ICS speakers for this event are Werner Schaefer, Beth Shelly and Howard Goldman. The topics that will be discussed are below:

Werner Schaefer;

i)       Good Urodynamic Practice

ii)      A Critical View on OAB

iii)     Role of Urodynamics in BPH

iv)     Biomechanics and Urodynamics of Stress Urinary Incontinence

v)      PPUI Role of the Urodynamics

Beth Shelly;

i)       Conservative Management: Pelvic floor muscle exercises and bladder training

ii)      PPUI Conservative Management

Howard Goldman;

i)       Management of refractory OAB

ii)      Role of single incision slings in female

iii)     Management of Sling Failures

iv)     PPUI Initial Approach 

v)      PPUI Surgical Management


Please see the below link entitled Course Information for a copy of the event programme.

For more information please contact Victor Romano; sromano1@arnet.com.ar


Alternatively please contact the Jenny at the ICS office; Jenny@icsoffice.org


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