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The ICS in conjunction with Practical Medicine “Gynecology and Obstetrics” will be hosting an education course in Poland. The course will be an add-on to the 9th Practical Medicine Conference 2012 and will be held 22-23rd November 2012.


The focus of this course will be to improve the knowledge of medical professionals in the following areas:

  • The mechanisms of childbirth-induced pelvic floor dysfunction.
  • To review the evidence-based obstetric practice on prevention of pelvic floor dysfunction.
  • To improve the management of childbirth-induced pelvic floor dysfunction.
  • To explain mechanisms of new therapeutic interventions for female LUTS.
  • The local hosts for this event are Tomasz Rechberger and Diaa Rizk.

The ICS Speakers and their topics for this event will be as follows:

  • Stefano Salvatore –Obstetric injuries to pelvic floor- how to avoid and how to manage? Evolution of surgical methods in the treatment of faecal and urinary incontinence- what are the new perspectives?

  • Alois Martan- Surgical procedure for the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence.

Ultrasound examination of patients before and after vaginal tape antiincontionence surgery.

New therapeutic interventions for female 

LUTS – (SNS and Botulinum toxin injections)  

  • Annette Kuhn- Periurethral injections- when and how? New therapeutic interventions for LUTS (SNS and Botulinum toxin injections)

  • Piotr Radziszewski- The prevalence and management of LUTS in women. Therapeutic options for patients with overactive bladder symptoms and recurrent urinary tract infections. Urodynamics studies in female LUTS- when we really need them.

  • Rona Mackenzie- Post-natal bladder and bowel management- a nursing perspective.


Please see the below link entitled Course Information for a copy of the event programme.

For more information please contact Tomasz Rechberger; rechbergt@yahoo.com or  Diaa Rizk; rizk.diaa@gmail.com 

Alternatively please contact the Jenny at the ICS office; Jenny@icsoffice.org


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